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Breakthrough Systems Announces SCSI Target Mode Driver Support for New QLogic 2400 Series 4Gb Fibre Channel ASICs and HBAs

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Oct 03, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Breakthrough Systems has formally released their latest generation of semi-custom Target Mode Drivers and upper level protocol stacks for use with QLogic's new product line of 4Gb Fibre Channel 2400 controller ASIC and HBA products.
Breakthrough has been the primary independent supplier of embedded drivers for QLogic controller products to the storage OEM community for over a decade. By providing semi-custom embedded drivers from their modular library and architecture, the company reduces the upfront expense to OEMs and at a sharply reduced time to market. By leveraging Breakthrough's existing modular architecture they can also reduce the inherent invention risk of coding a custom driver from scratch.
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