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Storage Clips: HP acquires blade server software

By SearchStorage.com Staff
04 Oct 2005 | SearchStorage.com
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Daily compilation of storage news:

HP acquires another management company
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) said that it has inked an agreement to acquire blade server startup RLX Technologies. The companies did not disclose financial details, but said they expect to close the deal within a month. RLX Technologies specializes in management software for Linux blade servers. HP would be adding this company to its BladeSystem portfolio.

FileNet, HDS partner on management software
FileNet Corp. and Hitachi Data Systems Corp. have announced an integrated product based on Hitachi's hardware, which combines Hitachi's Data Retention Utility software with the FileNet P8 Enterprise Content Management platform release 3.5. The product, called FileNet P8, manages content in and outside of FileNet repositories from a central, federated catalogue, and according to the companies, will manage and store very large volumes of documents on Hitachi's SAN-based storage subsystems.

EMC updates support for Tiger
EMC Corp. released EMC Dantz Retrospect 6.1, which adds support for a pair of server-side features for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger users. The update, which is free for Retrospect 6.0 owners, adds support for backup and restoration of access control lists that administrators can use to control which users can access or modify files on a server. Retrospect 6.1 also adds support for Tiger extended attributes that will be used by future Mac applications.

University of Texas medical selects Copan
Copan Systems Inc. announced that the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston has implemented its Revolution 200T backup/recovery appliance. The box is a Massive Array of Idle Disks-based platform, which switches power to ATA disks on and off, lowering their duty cycle. The UTMB system is used to back up over 300 non-SAN-attached servers containing financial, academic and patient data, and currently manages 60 usable terabytes. UTMB has ordered an additional 40 terabytes (TB) for three months of full and incremental backups.

Fujitsu, Brocade partner for switch-based virtualization
Fujitsu Computer Systems and Brocade Communications Systems Inc. announced that Fujitsu will begin shipping the Eternus VS900, a virtualization product running on the Brocade SilkWorm fabric application platform. The product creates virtual disk space, and manages data migration. The centralized management software also enables online data migration to new disk arrays and supports disk expansion to meet storage capacity shortages without changing server settings. The product will be available in the U.S. beginning Dec. 1.

Qsan, Silverback partner on IP components
Qsan Technology Inc. and Silverback Systems announced that the Silverback Systems' iSNAP2110 will power the new Qsan P series IntelliRAID iSCSI RAID controller. The P series is a low-cost, iSCSI-based 8- or 16-channel SATA II RAID controller targeted at small and midsized businesses.

MiraLink appoints VP of sales
MiraLink Corp. announced the appointment of Sherri Bakos to vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. Bakos will report directly to Ron McCabe, president and CEO of MiraLink. Most recently, Bakos was regional vice president of sales for Focal Communications Corp., a national telecommunications provider acquired by Corvis Corp. in 2004. Before that, she was vice president of worldwide sales for Sigma Networks, a startup that provided high-speed Metropolitan Area Network services for telecommunications companies and Internet service providers.

Coraid pushes cost with Ethernet storage
Coraid Inc. announced that its EtherDrive storage appliances, when combined with large-capacity SATA disks, standard Ethernet switches and the ATA-over-Ethernet protocol, can reduce total system cost to less than $1.35 per gigabyte.

PGP adds full disk encryption
PGP Corp. announced its Whole Disk Encryption product line, which includes central policy, key management, deployment, passphrase recovery and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration. The product performs the encryption automatically whenever laptops, PCs or servers are switched off.

Exabyte announces third-gen tape drive
Exabyte Corp. announced the release of the third-generation VXA Packet Tape Drive, called VXA-320, which records up to 320 GB to a single cartridge at a data transfer rate of up to 24 MBps compressed and the VXA-320 PacketLoader 1x10, a 1u autoloader with 10 cartridge slots offering up to 3.2 TB of capacity, plus a bar code reader and Ethernet port for remote management. Products are available immediately through Exabyte's worldwide network of value-added resellers and distributors.

Apricorn launches backup and DR software for laptops
Apricorn Inc. released its enhanced version of EZ Gig II Backup and Disaster Recovery software that will allow laptop users to create an exact bootable clone or a compressed image of their hard drive.

Breakthrough supports QLogic
Breakthrough Systems has formally released its latest generation of Target Mode Drivers and upper level protocol stacks for use with QLogic Corp.'s new product line of 4 Gb Fibre Channel 2400 controller application-specific integrataed circuit and host bus adapter products.

Tandberg intros tape library
Tandberg Data Corp. announced the first Tandberg Data multidrive model available in North America, the Tandberg S24 tape library featuring 9.6 TB to 19.2 TB (2:1 compressed) in a 4U form factor. The library supports multiple generations of LTO drives and is available with SCSI, iSCSI or native Fibre connectivity. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for the S24 starts at $10,889 for a unit with a single LTO-2 drive.

Compellent storage center resells McData
Compellent announced the integration of McData Corp.'s Intrepid 6140 Director with its SAN storage center.


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