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Breakthrough Systems Inc, a provider of advanced SCSI interface solutions to the storage OEMs, has announced the availability of its Fibre Channel SCSI-3 Target Firmware (FC-STF) for the QLogic FibreFAS family of cost-effective, high performance Fibre Channel controllers.

The new software provides storage manufacturers using QLogic's FibreFAS440 and FibreFAS490 controllers with production-level software that accelerates the development of front-end communications functions and reduces time-to-market of disk and tape products.

Breakthrough Systems' new FC-STF is the only production-level FC-SCSI communications firmware platform available to storage industry OEMs. It offers off-the-shelf interface and protocol functionality with the flexibility of a semi-custom product OEMs need for their specific device requirements. The result is a powerful target firmware platform that lowers the costs and delays typical of pure custom software development. Due to Breakthrough Systems SCSI expertise, the firmware also provides pre-tested conformance to Fibre Channel and SCSI-3 standards.

"We developed our firmware exclusively to help rid storage manufacturers of the painstaking task of developing and testing complex interface controls and data transport protocols from scratch -- a process that can take years and end-up costing millions of dollars," said Terry Spear, president and CTO of Breakthrough Systems. "Because the QLogic FibreFAS controller family is the I/O solution of choice for almost all Fibre Channel tape drives, not only do customers save significant time and money in getting their products to market, but they receive proven, production-level firmware and hardware that is incredibly stable and reliable."

Technical Features

  • SCSI-3 FC-AL SCSI-FCP compliance
  • Processor independent (e.g. x86, i960, 68xxx, ARM)
  • SCSI-3 I/O Task Manager and device type specific command set available
  • Device Virtualization available
  • Custom installation on OEM's hardware controller
  • Engineering Verification Testing (EVT), including plug-n-play
  • Full source code (ANSI C) provided

Pricing and Availability

Breakthrough Systems' Fibre Channel SCSI-3 Target Firmware for the QLogic FibreFAS Family of interface controllers is available immediately. Pricing varies, depending on customer configuration.

About Breakthrough Systems Inc

Based in Lafayette (Boulder County) CO, Breakthrough Systems Inc provides SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, target mode drivers, storage virtualization, interface firmware and services to global storage manufacturers. The company's processor-independent software decreases storage OEM's time-to-market and lower costs associated with complex, in-house software development. In addition to target firmware, the company offers validation testing, SCSI, Fibre Channel and iSCSI software and manufacturing support firmware/software for SCSI devices. Customers have included Quantum/ATL, Sony, Exabyte, ADIC, Honeywell, Iomega, Metrum, Fujitsu, and other major storage OEMs. For more information visit www.breakthroughsys.com, or call 303-661-0355x103.

Contact: Larry Matthews of Breakthrough Systems, 303-661-0355x103.

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